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Applications Developer

We are Pattonair, The Leading Global Aerospace and Defence Supply Chain Service Provider: Chances are we supplied many of the parts for the last plane you stepped into.
With our vast experience in the industry, we are aware that one of the key factors to our growth will be through the use of cutting-edge technologies. This is where you could come into play by becoming part of the fast-growing software development team here at Pattonair.

Aerospace is one of the most exciting industries to work in and we have an established team of very passionate, highly skilled individuals, that take a lot of pride in what they do. As a team, we have a diverse range of industry backgrounds. This gives us a very broad spectrum of knowledge to pull upon to ensure we provide the best solutions to our business.

We are developing web and mobile applications that support our business in the handling of millions of parts daily.

Whilst adhering to the latest coding standards, to make sure we only release robust, scalable products. We are now embarking on a project of building a bespoke Framework that all our products will be built on. As a result of this we are looking for people like you!
Our technology stack is at the sharp edge of the spectrum. We are using Angular 5, Ionic, SCSS, Webpack and Jasmin/Karma for unit testing. GitHub Enterprise is our source control of choice and we run a Team city CI environment and deploy using Octopus. We offer Pluralsight subscription to our developers to ensure access to the latest training materials is available.
Key Responsibilities
Familiarity with concepts such as continuous integration, unit testing, SOLID, REST and hypermedia APIs.
Vacancy Details
Home Worker
Closing Date
06 Sep 2019 (11 Days)

Pattonair invites applications from individuals or agencies on the Pattonair approved suppliers list.